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JUNE 2 2004

Nope. 571 gears generate the same and possibly a little bit more output torque.

I will be re-writing this link soon.....again. I cut out about 50% of the pics that were not needed and modified the text.

I've read on the internet that 571 gears are weak....and that 410 is strong. After researching this, I found the exact opposite to be true. Making up a test jig to test this is beyond my financial means. But much information can be learned by measuring the tooth dimensions and comparing. I also have a local guy running ZUK installed PRECISION 571 gears. He runs 40" IROK's and is not afraid to romp on that 4.3 Vortec while going up those waterfalls and the gears are taking it. More on that in the next write-up.

410 ring.....41 teeth on a 7.89" diameter.

571 ring.....40 teeth on the same diameter(a little bigger tooth).

***ring gear thickness***

410 on the left...................571 on right

Length of 410 tooth 1.428"

571 length 1.394"

root of tooth.....410 is about .500"

571 is measured the same

Top of tooth....410 measures .098"

571 is .138"

--pinion tooth length--

410 is a long 2.630 about.

571 is a good 2.350" about.

When I re-write this it will go like this.....

1-show that the pinion is stronger than the ring

2-show that the 571 ring is same strength (or maybe a teensy bit stronger) as the thin 410 ring

3-that the 571 ratio is actually capable of having same or greater output torque as the 410 ring

4-none of the above is true with poor gear installs