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IF there is no choice and UPS is the only option, then send it to my Residence/shop.....
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Allow me to supply the Nitro Gears and master kits.
I will source Harrop elockers.

(LARGE pictues loading)
updated OCT 16 2017
updated SEPT 9 2019
updated JAN 11 2020
updated MARCH 31 2020

These inflating "instapaks" prevent damage to the box and the on the bottom is a good idea.....
another one on the topside is a great idea.

Heavy duty double corrugated SMALL boxes................
A lot of pictures here so get your coffee ready and here are some ideas to make your own strong boxes and
how to cushion the 3rd. Left box is the inside box.....corners are bashed in and only taped on the bottom flap.
Right box might split open when the inside box is forced inside so it is reinforced in 2 places as shown with clear tape.

Combine the 2 boxes. Lowe's boxes are better than Home Depot boxes in my opinion.

The inside box will stick out about 1 inch as shown.

The outside flaps will never fold properly so the inside box gets a new flap fold line....
Use a box cutting blade like shown here to slice about half way thru on all 4 inside flaps.

Best to cut your own handles now.



The bottom needs a strong solid cushion for the steel lip of the differential. I had some high density foam.

The 8.4" diff is a tight fit but is doable. I was thinking of using the inflatable "foam insta-pak" on the top side.......

.....then decided to use cardboard and random high density foam chunks.

Once there was plenty of foam to keep the diff from moving around then I topped it off with packing paper on top.
And this box is basically done.

Starting a new box......2 small HD boxes and the bottom cushion is an 80 pound rated insta-pak(100 is better).

The inside box gets tape on the bottom.

Outside box.......

........gets tape on the bottom.

gets extra tape here......

....and here also. This keeps the outside box from splitting open.

Back to the inside box......bash the 4 corners in.


Push it down fully 100% .

These inside flaps prevent the outside flaps from folding properly.

This is not super critical but try to go halfway thru and do it to all 4 sides.


Cut the 4 corners of the inside box down about 1 inch

And, that way, the new inside flaps will at least fold down fairly decent.

Kind of an option....and not sure why you would need to do this....but the small boxes will also fit nicely
in Lowe's MEDIUM size HD box.

A real strong TRIPLE box. Extra room for other things too.

Back to what I was doing......the 8 inch clamshell fits nice in the small box. It has to have a cushion on the bottom
so the plan is to use an 80 instapak.

There are 2 is in bladder A and the other in bladder B

"A" gets pushed into "B"....Best to palm A and force most of it towards B. When bladder A breaks
into B then start palming both of them real fast and mix them together.
It will get hot....expand and start to fill the bag and you have to work fast
and slap the bag in the box and get the clamshell 3rd in place.

The 80 pound rated pillow keeps the 3rd from moving around or tearing a hole thru the bottom of the box.

Some extra cushion points.

And now to use another insta-pak on the top side.

The 2 flaps had to quickly be closed because the insta-pak was rising up fast and even threatened to pop the 2 weak flaps off.

And that 3rd is not going to move very much.


The outer flaps don't fold down perfect but much better than if I did not cut the inside flap.

Be careful if you forgot to cut the handles like I did....but not too much I can damage in there except foam.


Ready to go.......

This small box is ready to go to Fedex.

A new double small box....this time for the 8" rear 3rd. Using an 80 and a 100 insta-pak.

Inside ebox....tape bottom....ding corners.

reinforce the outside box.........


Stuff the inside box inside the outer box............

inner flap is too high............

The blade will fix that.

final 4 cuts

Cut the handles now.


This time going to use the more heavy duty 100 for the bottom foam pillow.


And this is with the 80 on the top. That 3rd is securely located in the box.


inner flaps are folded.....

outer flaps are folded over.

Ready to go out.

2 well cushioned diffs.