The heavy 3rds in double boxes is best sent to the convenient
Fedex outlet down the street from me

(Do not use UPS to send totes to a Fedex outlet...Fedex will
refuse the tote from UPS)

Ken Francisco 480-406-2283cell
Fedex Office Print (HAL)
1780 West Chandler Blvd.
Chandler AZ 85224

Gears/Master kits...have the online store send them
directly to my shop....or allow me to get them at some additional savings to you.

Ken Francisco
114 W Ivanhoe Place
Chandler AZ 85225
(LARGE pictues loading)
updated AUGUST 18 2016

I used to recommend these so-called "Heavy Duty" totes but they don't seem to be living up to their reputation.
In addition, plastic totes are subject to a non-standard packaging Fedex fee of $9.
There is no "fee" for standard cardboard boxes like the ones below.
Meet Cola.

Just stopped in to Lowe's and picked up some shipping supplies.....
Left.......$1.47.....the perfect size HD box for just a single diff.
right......$2.28.... medium size box for a diff and gears/master kit.
middle.....$22.......436 yards of thick HD clear packaging tape(1/4 mile).

This is the perfect size for the typical Toyota diff.....16x12x12....only $1.47 per box!!
These are double corrugated....2 of these together are killer.
Beware ...they also sell SINGLE corrugated boxes so make sure to get the heavy duty version.

I also stopped in to Home Depot and they also have the same heavy duty double corrugated boxes.

Close up. Same pricing as Lowe's.

They also have medium and Large hd boxes. Must be a popular size.

Here's how I just made a double double box....
Tape the bottoms up so the boxes keep their shape.
Not shown but the hammer was used to DING the 4
corners in such that the inner box would slide
into the outer box easier.

Stuff one into the other. Tight fit but I do it all the time.

Beef up the bottom even more by dropping in one or two other boxes.

Then the heavy 9.5" landcruiser 3rd was dropped in.

Doesn't close up 100% perfect but that's ok....
...... then run the clear tape about 7 times around and it will look "factory".

....That's what clear thick packaging tape is for..... 7 or 8 times completely around.
Don't go too cheap and use that cheap thin clear tape will tear easy.

Here's an e-locker that I boxed....
Not obvious but there is a thick wad of cardboard below the ring gear to shield it from the bottom.'s a front 8" Tacoma clam that is boxed securely.

Here's a heavy 9.5" e-locker that was stabilized using wadded up newspaper.

Here's a 9.5" arb diff....a stuffed Nitro box is placed in the double box.....

....then secured/stabilized with bubble wrap and foam.
Not shown but before the box is closed there should be at least 3 slabs of cardboard on the topside of the 3rd.

Suppose a diff and a ring/pinion and master kit need to be shipped.
2 Medium sized Heavy Duty boxes are the answer.

Some tape to keep the bottoms together...

Then it might be discovered that they don't fit inside one another so well....
the 4 corners hit too hard.

Tap the corners in and try again.

This time it goes down much farther and I stopped here to take the pic shown.

Pushed it down all the way, stood inside the box with socks on and made sure it was fully seated.

8" e-locker 3rd fits in nicely with a boxed ring/pinion....

Lots of room to also throw in a master kit.

Can even fit 2 ring/pinions and a master kit in if needed.