Best to send from your FEDEX Office Ship Center to my FEDEX location.....

Fedex Office Print and Ship Center
Ken Francisco (HAL)
1780 West Chandler Blvd.
Chandler AZ 85224

IF there is no choice and UPS is the only option, then send it to my Residence/shop.....
(Do not send from a UPS center to my Fedex outlet...Fedex will decline it and return to sender)
Ken Francisco, LLC
114 W Ivanhoe Place
Chandler AZ 85225

Allow me to supply the Nitro Gears and master kits.
I will source Harrop elockers.

(LARGE pictues loading)
updated OCT 16 2017
updated SEPT 9 2019
updated JAN 11 2020

This link shows me stuffing a MEDIUM into a MEDIUM box.....but generally speaking, the SMALL's will work better
for your diffs. These boxes come from either Home Depot or Lowe's. Note that Lowe's has a slightly
higher quality box( My preference when I now ship out to customers). Typically, with
8" or 8.4" 3rds and even the 9.5" Landcruiser 3rds, a SMALL double boxer will suffice.
These are the heavy duty boxes....double corrugated....make sure you get those.
Start by taping up the bottom of both boxes.

The "outside box" will likely need tape run around it in these 3 places.
The tape will prevent the box from splitting open when the inside box is forced inside.

The inside box needs a little modification.......
On the bottom 4 corners.....This is the "slice and dice and bang the corner in" modification.

Bang the 4 corners in with a hammer(on the inside box only).

It will help it slide into the other box.

On the same inside boxon the TOP 4 corners...........slice the 4 upper edges down about 1.5"

Like this.... in 4 places.

This will be the new flapper fold point.
I ran a straight edge with a black marker to stay on target with the Exacto blade......

.....then a box cutter to "weaken" it(20~50% penetration) but not slice the whole flap off.
Try to go halfway thru because that will be the new fold point of the 4 flaps.
Do this box knife operation on all 4 sides.

Now work the inside box down.

This is 100% down here. The tape on the outside box prevented the splitting from happening.
Now you can see why the inside box needs a new fold down flap location.

Finish cutting out the handle slots at the point.

BINGO. Good enough to grab onto .

Test folding it along the box cutter marks.

Yes, they are not "full strength flaps but it works .......

....and allows the outside flaps to fold nice and neat.

This picture shows that the MEDIUM size boxes are just so overkill on size.....use the SMALL size ;)

About the only time you would want to use this large of a box(Mediums) is if you are sending me
ring/pinions and bearings and such.....otherwise, just use the small boxes.
If the box is shipped to me with the diff the way it is shown in the above pic, then steel lips of the diff will tear thru
the box before it gets to me....please "shield it" much better on the bottom side.

I often use insta-foam paks.......excellent cushion from the bottom and keeps the diff from rolling around in the box.
I realize that not everybody is that I will have some suggested packing methods below soon.
The styrofoam/towel method is at the end below.

I have no real pictures of packing the 3rd or suggested ideas to keep them from moving around.....So here is one from Rob.
Normally, not a good idea to use styrofoam to surround the 3rd in. It tends to break up and the tiny styrofoam pellets coat the
inside of the 3rd and make clean-up time consuming. It appears Rob has found a good way to make use of the
ultra-light stryfoam by wrapping the 3rd in an extra-large beach towel that shields the 3rd from the
pellets while offering extra cushion.

The big chunks that surrounded the fluffy towel were removed. The towel weighed 1.2 pounds and the styrofoam
weighed almost nothing. Boxed diffs that weigh under 70 pounds will save you about $14
so sometimes this styrofoam/towel method can save money.

The towel was very effective in keeping the styrofoam pellets out.

Not obvious but when the thin layer of styro was removed from here, the cardboard bottom was in perfect shape.

Should have used the flash....but it can be seen that no styrofoam made its way past the towel.

Rob did a super job of sending me a clean front 8" IFS diff (from his 99 LX470).

And I have a nice oversized shop rag. :)